2017 goals - and how to make them happen

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2016 was a hard year for me. After years in my not-growing-business I decided to give a last chance and working hard and strategically. I learned a lot, and worked a lot and ignored my family a lot. I didn't had a room for work, so when we found a house we moved. This was crazy, we had 1-2 month for the whole thing. I ignored my business in this period, and after them I tried to catch up again. Not to forget I thought, I want to start a new - planner related business - I have ADD, heehee :) I started to work on this site and a business planner. The result: stress, nothing is good. I don't spend enough time with my family, I work hard in my business which doesn't growing, I'm a little bit depressed. This means, the new year goals needed big amount of thinking.

2017 Goals - And How To Make Them Happen

Setting goals

2017 Goals - And How To Make Them Happen

In the business planner I created a goal planning section - this was given to work with.

I used my purple A5 size Malden for goal setting. The first part helps with questions to find out, what I like, what I do well and what I want with my life. I know all of things somewhere, but lot of time when I have to decide what to do, I don't concentrate on this. Family is first of all. Security: financial and environmental, that's why I love to live in Switzerland. Stability - this is a part of the security - you know what happens life don't change every day. Creativity - creating new things, because ADD has also positive side, I'm full of ideas. Mental health - because ADD can go hand in hand with depression - I have to take care of myself. 

Building on these values I decided what I want for the next year: a big change: give up my business (as a business, I will do some stuff, if I want and have time, as a hobby) and find a job to get out of the house and find an activity matches better with my personality. And until I didn't found any I can take a break, and recover. This is the word I've chosen for the year:

2017 Goals - And How To Make Them Happen - 2017 Dreams

After I wrote on paper what I want, formulating my goals were not a big deal any more.

  1. Organized home - to reduce stress
  2. Finishing stuff - to reduce stress - and because I will not work so much, I will have time for this.
  3. Find a job
  4. Finding a new home - this can be silly, but we have chosen badly, this house is not our house.
  5. Personal improvement - I want to read and learn books I bought last years :)
  6. PlanCademy - working on this site, because here I can create (inserts) and teach - which is also important for me: to share the knowledge I have.

Every goal has a detailed goal planner sheet to write out the steps and projects I need to do to achieve it. Why I want this, and what happens if I don't achieve. 

2017 Goals - And How To Make Them Happen - Goal Planner.

Download your goal planner:

But how to get the goals happen?

2017 Goals - And How To Make Them Happen

This is the hardest part - I wrote my goals out last year too and rarely took a look on them thereafter. I use my personal size Malden (Kingfisher Blue) as my main planner.

- Read my setup here

I copied my goals here - this way I can check them often. 


I'm not sure yet about a monthly goal setting-projects-tasks insert, so I just wrote my goals again with the projects(s) I plan to working on this month. I review this page every week and write tasks/strategies for the week. For instance "5 minutes Todoist declutter every day"

I cannot say anything about how this works, because there was holiday until today, and I'm not able plan "normally" if the kids are home... Tomorrow start the boring, routine days, at least!

One of the declutter stuff is to go through my planners and find out what I want to do with which one, organize all the inserts I have in them.

2017 Goals - And How To Make Them Happen - January goals