Menu planning in the main planner

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Every week finding out what to eat next week? Hard work. But not any more, since I worked out my new system.

1. Monthly calendar in list form (my own insert)

2. Color coded page flags (by Sigel)

3. Moving the page flags for the next months. (I kept them before on a different space.)

How is it working?

I have the current and 2-3 next months worth inserts here. I have a weekly "routine" on which day we what eat, like meat, vegetables, sweat meal. I know what color to place to which day. 

As the days are going, I write in what we actually have eaten....

... and move the page flag for the next month or after that.

This is lot more better option as placing back the page flags on a storage fly leaf. When I made that way I had to have to choose from so much options! Now I don't have, I just have to adjust the next week for my mood and what we have at home etc. See on the first picture that I have an almost finished plan for the whole month (we are in the first week of the month). If we like something very much I move that flag only one month for, if the family is not sooo delighted about it, I move 2 months.

Then I write the meals to the daily page in:

And decide when I will cook, and create a task from it:

Little details

I keep a DIY post it/page flag storage in my planner to have everything by hand.

I pay attention what happens when. We will have holiday in April and don't cook. I skip these days.

Do you menu plan? How?

Happy planning

✏️ Zsuzsa