My current main planner setup (2016 December) - personal size Filofax Malden

I was long time in A5, I couldn't deal with smaller sizes. I bought this Malden for a very very silly reason: I love how a personal size Malden looks like. When the new Kingfisher Blue came out I wanted it. Or not, I wanted the Fuchsia first. Then changed my mind :D So I bought the personal size because it looks better than the A5. I have two A5 size Maldens already, I know what I am talking about. I tried to downsize once and failed, now it seems to be working - I might want to stay in this binder so much? I use this I think since June. 

Filofax Personal size Malden setup

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The setup... I always change my setup, that's why is the "current" in the title. Some elements are the same and I have to experiment always. I published a setup video on YouTube for a 2-3 weeks ago, where I talked about I will try to live without daily pages, that was a mistake. I cannot. Weeklies gone, monthlies and dailies came back.

Inbox / notes section

Dividers need too much ring space (and the Malden has only 25mm rings...), that's why I combined my usual notes section with the inbox section. I have a cute bear page marker - it shows the very first place I can write random notes. I move these out from here every day: I copy them to the right place, or I take a photo and keep in my Evernote. I have different notes from books - they stay for a while, until the binder will be too thick, and I remove them :) Knitting notes, the actual one marked with a dog page marker - this way I can always keep track my projects. 

Filofax Personal size Malden setup

First tab: family

This is new, I never had such section. First a yearly routine list - 12 month on 4 pages, I write here activities (like tax due) and events like birthdays. I printed out a weekly routine page too, but not filled up yet :)

Filofax Personal size Malden setup

Our life is now really complicated, the 3 kids are going in 3 schools, they left home and come in different times - and every day is different. I write in this section when is who home. 

And the third thing is the index pages. They are month on one page, and I write here things I might need to remember later (someone was by doctor, dentist, etc.)

Second tab: calendar

2017 yearly overview from Filofax, couple months mo2p, and the yearly fold out Filofax insert. I keep it here for long time scheduling. I have this here for couple months, I might take out and print more monthlies. The monthlies are my own inserts, a result of a long thinking.

Filofax Personal size Malden setup

The monthlies were the main ground for I don't want the personal size. I want monthlies. But in personal size??? So tiny, I cannot write here well. I tried without monthlies, used the weeklies only. I made fold out monthlies - I don't like fold outs... And I got the idea to use lines (hahh, what a big idea!) and shading the days. This changed everything! Now it looks organized. 

Third tab: dailies

Now I use my own printables: do2p, but I don't want print so much, and date, so I bought the Filofax do1p for 2017. Will see, if one page is enough or not: I like sometimes to journal a little... If I need the second page, I will use lined inserts between the two pages. I keep maybe one month dailies here.

Filofax Personal size Malden setup

Fourth tab: lists

Some todos, orders, ideas.

Fifth tab: was meeting notes

I don't really use this section anymore.

Sixth tab: Infos

This is always my last section. Some phone numbers I need to know - any time, even if I lost my phone. "Mixed infos: mobile data for the kids (pins etc), account numbers, insurance numbers etc etc. Some password clues. Color codes for my sites. 


Stickers, post it notes can be find everywhere in my planner :) In the back pocket I have a notebook for I don't know why. Maybe because it fits :D I have some washi samples - washi is a useful thing good to keep with me. Page markers, page flags, some stitch markers. I use two pens: a Frixion point to write and a Frixion highlighter to mark off finished things. 

Filofax Personal size Malden setup

That's it. I hope I gave some inspiration for your setup!


Happy planning