Tips for ADD folks: Use tech for organize yourself - besides paper planner

Organizing - anything - is a weakness of ADD people (like me) - this is the reason I highly interested in, and trying to make more fun, and overcomplicate most of the time :) Because the filtering function of the brain functioning weakly - we cannot see what is important, what not, start 1000 things and lost in details. We need lot more effort and organization as other. The problem with a paper planner is, that it has no notification function. You can write everything very organized and planned into your planner, but it will not say you: "hey, it's time to go!". Automation is very important for ADD people. And we are in lucky position with our smartphones, computers and smart watches.

Tips For ADD Folks: Use Tech For Organize Yourself - Besides Paper Planner

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Calendar apps

Use only an app or your paper calendar to organize appointments - but please use only one calendar to do this! I use my monthly calendar for every new appointments, and I copy them at the weekly review to the daily pages and into my Google Calendar. Here I can set up MORE reminders that I know when I have to be where. Pay attention for deadlines: setting up the reminder on the date itself make no sense. Set some before, when you have time to finish your task. 

Evernote or other note-taking program

I decided for Evernote, because it is stable, I tried OneNote too - it is really nice, and has a lot function I miss in Evernote, but not synchronising every time was a deal breaker. Evernote synchronize between your devices - no problem any more not to have that important paper with you. It is always on your phone! You can share notebooks and notes with others.


In Evernote you can scan your paper and keep everything digitally. This way you can decrease your paper clutter. If you have your stuff digitally, you can find it easier, even if you didn't categorized properly.

I archive my planner pages to Evernote too, then I toss them.

Save your emails

To Evernote you can forward your emails - those one contains important informations or need to do something with it. This way you can keep your inbox always in zero. 

Tickler file

Create a notebook with the name "tickler" or dates or whatever makes you sense. Scan documents, forward emails or just create a note with the informations - needed on a certain day - and give a title with the date at the beginning. I use the format [yyyymmdd] title. You can add also notification to it. This way you can order the notes by days. Mark in your calendar (like with a +), that you have extra information for that event - so you can check it. If you use an app, you can add the link of the note to the event.

Tips For ADD Folks: Use Tech For Organize Yourself - Besides Paper Planner - TickerNotebookInEvernote.png

Pending stuff

Create a "Pending" notebook, and place here everything you are waiting for. You can forward to connected emails here. You can create a summery note with links, like on ... (date) I wrote an email (link here) asked x, y, z. They answered on ... (date, link) for x this: ... for y: ... Asked Z again on ... (date, link). Etc. Check this notebook often, or set up reminders you think it is time to check if anything happened with that thing.

I could write thousends of words about using Evernote, but this is not an Evernote tutorial :D


Use your phones camera to remember things. Where have you left your car? Take a photo! 

Todoist (or other todo app)

My chosen todo app is Todoist. Why I use app besides my planner? Because it can remind me on stuff. Do I have an idea? I can throw it into the Inbox - I can deal with it later: finding out when I want to do it, how urgent or important it is. I categorize the tasks into projects and subprojects (like Home - Family Administration or Housework, Work - Homepage, Personal - Blog) The best thing is, that I can have recurring tasks - this can lost in a paper planner if you forget create a new task for the next month... You can create a task like "change toothbrush in every 3 month". This is also available on your phone, and you can share with others. When I make my weekly and daily plan I go through Todoist, but I don't make my things after Evernote - my plan has to be on paper. I know, this is silly copying... But this works for me. Switching between apps on my computer stops the flow.


I'm not a profi user of Airtable (yet), but I see the potential here. This is a program, where different tables and it's content are connected to each others. For what I already used: stay track with selling stuff and editorial calendar.

Apps on you phones

There are lot of useful apps can remind you for different things, like water in take, medication. I use for these the apps Water Drink Reminder and Medisafe. You can find apps for the Pomodoro technic, I use the Goodtime (rarely, mostly I set the Timer on my Asus Zen Watch...)

Smart watch

You might leave your phone on your table, in the kitchen, but your watch is always on your hand (hopefully). I have Android Phone (Samsung Galaxy S7), so I needed and Android Watch: I'm really satisfied with my Asus Zenwatch 2. It can remind you that it's time to stop something (use the timer) and take a break. Be wise what reminders you allow to appear on your watch! Only those you really need (like calendar, drink or medication) - if your watch vibrate the whole day is disturbing and you might miss the really important reminder. (This is also valid for your phone!) Turn off reminders for emails, and Facebook!

This is everything I use for now. I'm happy to read your thoughts and maybe more uses of tech to get us more organized with ADD!