Why Everyone Needs To Use A Planner - Even Women

Should I say shortly or detailed? The short version is:

Planning gives you the freedom of choices.
Why Everyone Needs A Planner - Even Women

Is planning only for business (wo)men? The most common vision about someone who uses a planner: a very busy business (wo)men, who has to plan her/his meetings, projects or travels. But is planning only for them? I don’t think so.

Everyone has to be know

  • what is she/he doing
  • in which direction is going,
  • and what want. 

Firstly let define, what is planning?

Planning (also called forethought) is the process of thinking about and organizing the activities required to achieve a desired goal.
— wikipedia


What is this mean?  

  • You have a goal - you want to achieve
  • you have to know what you have to do for this
  • you have to organize the activities in a proper order 

This is just like a map for a trip: you have the map, you can draw in your goal and your way to arrive there. What happenes if you don't have a map?

  • you don’t know what you will need for your journey - you might fall into the situation, that you can’t go further, because something is missing
  • you have no idea, how far are you from your goal
  • you have no idea, how far are you from the starting point (how much did you already achieved?)
  • you don’t know if you can take break or not
  • you might run into an obstacle and you have to turn back

How planning helps in your life

If you have a good plan

  • you will know, what you need for your project (thing, goal, trip, call however you want)
  • you will know where you are - what is behind and before you.
  • you know if you can take a break or not.
  • you will not do unnecessary things, because you know what you have to do.
Why Everyone Needs To Use A Planner? - Even Women

And this is, where we come back to the first saying - repeat, because it is important: Planning gives you the freedom of choices. If you have on your daily to do list only couple of must do-s - and I call must do what you MUST do that day - an appointment is fix, isn't it? And if you started to plan your stuff in time, you can choose, what else to do. Working on this project or that project? You can decide to stop working and playing with your child if you want to. You can choose to sit down and read if you feel yourself exhausted. This is what you cannot do if you don't plan, and the incoming stuff is driving your life. If you have to finish your tax report today, then you have to do. Even if you are sick, or you would like to play with your child. If you planned that BEFORE, and decided to make it, when you was in the right mood, you can choose. 

Do you have any more concerns you have to have a planner or not?


Happy Planning!